Welcome to Cyclical Community

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About Cyclical Community

An intentional community space where we can all come together on our individual journeys of inner healing & cycle awareness to support one another and grow our collective empowerment. 

Brought to you by Cycles Journal / Cyclical Roots.

Welcome to Cyclical Community, a place where individuals come together to navigate change and find solace in the beauty of nature and the elements of matter and spirit.

We believe in the power of collective support and understanding as we embark on our personal journeys.

Here we can find more stability than social media can give us, and spark more intentional and aligned connections + conversations.

Here, we encourage each other to learn, share, and connect as we engage in cycle tracking and mindfulness practices. 

By embracing these practices, we aim to foster healing, develop a deeper understanding of our bodies, and create space for self-reflection and collective transformation.

Whether you are seeking guidance in navigating life transitions, exploring your relationship with your body, or simply yearning for a sense of belonging, our community offers a supportive and nurturing environment. 

Together, we can draw strength from the wisdom of nature, the power of mindfulness, and the shared experiences of like-minded individuals, helping us to navigate change with grace and resilience.

May we feel less alone and instead more supported on our healing paths that intertwine here; come together to expand. May this space help us bring our own intentions into this interconnected web we are weaving within the virtual realm & beyond.

This is a meeting space that diverges from ads and algorithms out of our control, so that we can have more space to breathe and form deeper connections between us all.

Together we create a ripple, a movement of embodiment, deeper connection to ourselves, others & nature. 

Our Intention for this Community Space is to:

  • Share, learn, connect, witness & heal with other like-minded cyclical beings
  • Diverge from corporate-controlled social media platforms & hierarchal ads + algorithms 
  • Share resources, experiences & support with one another
  • Open opportunities for deeper connection with our community members
  • Offer optional workshops & courses at an accessible exchange for going deeper and connecting you to facilitators + space holders
  • Support one another on our individual & collective healing + embodiment journeys

Brought to you by Cycles Journal / Cyclical Roots. Visit our website for cycle tracking, healing tools, tips & a Healing Resource Directory.